Will Your Company Benefit from Commercial Storage in Seekonk?

commercial-storage-benefitsYou might not know this, but Seekonk is one of the best places in the whole South Coast region to find commercial storage. Whether your goal is to put away furniture, excess seasonal stock, holiday decorations and displays, or to use it as records retention storage, this is the best place to safely and securely save your stuff. Conlon Moving & Storage has built a solid reputation for providing top quality storage solution to local commercial clients.

In addition to warehousing your business assets and records in commercial storage in Seekonk, MA at our 50,000-plus square foot facility, you can also choose to use our other options as a mobile storage company. Stow your items in one of our shipping containers or mini storage containers, which can be kept on-site at your business or hauled to our South Coast storage company for safe-keeping until you are ready for us to bring it back again.

What is Records Retention Storage?
While most business data is now kept on computers, there are some industries where paper records are still required. They must be held for a specific amount of time until they can be shredded – to protect the personal data of the clients – and disposed of properly. Archiving business records can take up a lot of space at your office, retail store or medical practice. You don’t want to stick the boxes of documents up in the attic or in a leaky storage closet like people used to do in the past, because today’s federal regulations require you to do more.

In fact, archiving records today is no longer about simply retaining those records in case they are needed again; it is now about keeping up with requirements and staying in compliance to avoid legal issues with government regulators. If you aren’t sure whether or not your current approach to records retention is sufficient, consider the guidelines available through the federal government on records retention to see if your storage plan for protection measures up accordingly.

5 Reasons to Choose Off-Site Commercial Storage
If you are still contemplating whether or not it is in your best interested to use our mobile storage company or the warehousing options at our commercial storage in Seekonk, MA, consider these five reasons why more business owners are choosing Conlon Moving & Storage for their commercial storage needs. Records retention storage alone is a good reason to upgrade your storage situation, but our South coast storage company services can help you protect other assets as well.

  • Safer Storage – We have over 50,000 square feet of commercial storage space available at our Massachusetts warehouse. We provide a level of protection that you just won’t find in your own on-site storage space or even at traditional locker-style storage facilities. We have specifically designed our facility for the protection of your important documents, providing additional methods for fire prevention, security and monitoring to help you meet the federal guidelines for records retention.
  • Professional Pickup – Our team can help you pack up your file cabinets and records to place in our storage facility or we can offer high quality packing supplies and services for you to use to pack them up yourself. We have been providing top notch records retention storage services via our mobile storage company and traditional warehouse storage facility for many years.
  • Return Delivery – If you ever need your records retention storage returned back to your office or moved to another location, our South Coast storage company can help you there too. We can also return your stored records to you when you need them to keep in compliance with records requirements or bring them to your office when they reach the age of maturity or expiration and are ready to be properly destroyed.
  • Cost-Effective Service – Compared to other storage solutions, our options for commercial storage in Seekonk, MA are quite competitive, providing our clients with the services they need at a rate they can afford. Make sure to ask for a FREE estimate on any of our commercial moving and storage services. We can even help you with advanced logistics as part of the commercial services that we offer for moving and storage clients.
  • Convenience – By far this is one of the most talked about benefits to using our records retention storage and asset storage services. The convenience of having the storage come to you in the form of a container storage unit or mini storage unit so you and your staff can pack it up at your leisure is a real benefit to many businesses and practices. However, if you have everything already packed up at the office, you can also have our team load everything up into the storage unit for you after getting it set up according to your specifications or move the storage unit back to our warehouse location. There are many options and choices available to our clients to suit their unique and specific needs for safe and secure storage.

Contact Conlon Moving & Storage
If you are interested in learning more about our South Coast storage company or if you would like to find out about our warehouse for commercial storage in Seekonk, MA, just give us a call at 508-336-7766. Our team can help you with a wide variety of services, including records retention storage and other commercial storage needs. When you need a mobile storage company or require professional moving services, think Conlon Moving & Storage!