Commercial Packing

Commercial MovesPart of the services that we provide as a professional commercial moving company is to work with our clients to pack and load up their office for relocation. This can be an overwhelming and time-consuming task for office staff and managers, so hiring a full-service company that handles all of the packing supplies and services is a huge plus. Our team of office relocation specialists at Conlon Moving & Storage can provide a comprehensive array of services for just about any type of business relocation in MA, CT or RI.

With over 125 years of packing and moving local businesses in the Rhode Island, Southeastern Massachusetts and Connecticut area, Conlon Moving & Storage has become the absolute authority in commercial packing and moving. Our team members are trained to be complete experts at the proper packing and handling of your important documents, files, computers, office equipment, cubicles, furniture and much more.

Special Packing Supplies and Services

In order to accommodate all of the unique aspects of a corporate or business move, our team uses a variety of specialized containers and packing supplies to get the job done right. We also use a variety of proven methods and techniques for moving file cabinets, desks, and other expensive, essential equipment safely and securely from your origin point to your new office destination.

Some of the materials and packaging that they use include:

  • Commercial storage bins
  • Collapsible tote boxes
  • Computer and library carts
  • Plastic totes
  • Computer bags

They don’t just call Conlon Moving & Storage the office relocation specialists for nothing. We provide top quality business relocation in MA, CT, and RI, supply our clients with professional grade packing supplies and services, can handle big jobs, small jobs and provide mobile storage solutions, all while still gaining a customer satisfaction rating that includes a 99.9 percent on-time delivery track record.

To learn more about all of the services, supplies, and solutions available at Conlon Moving & Storage, give us a call at 508-336-7766. Our team of movers and office relocation specialists can help find the best options available to ensure that you have a successful move.