Records Retention

A man Keeping RecordIn addition to being a professional commercial moving company with a strong reputation for providing quality services, Conlon Moving & Storage also has a unique opportunity for our commercial clients by offering records retention storage. In spite of the fact that many records and files are now kept digitally on computers or in cloud storage, there are still quite a few industries that require the use of hard copy files.

As part of our commercial storage in Massachusetts, Conlon Moving & Storage has opened up its 50,000 square foot warehouse for our clients to use as records retention storage. We can help you pack up your file cabinets and records to place in our storage facility or we can offer high quality packing supplies and services for you to use to pack them up yourself.

We understand the need for local warehousing of records retention storage in Southeastern Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island, and are pleased to be able to offer our clients this unique option through our commercial moving company services. To find out more about our commercial storage in Massachusetts and many other moving and storage solutions, please call Conlon Moving & Storage at 508-336-7766.