What Moving Companies in Massachusetts Don’t Want You to Know

Residential Moving Tips and SecretsIf you are planning a move and are thinking about hiring a residential moving company to take care of the details for you, it is important that you take some time to learn about what you can expect from moving companies in Massachusetts. First of all, not all moving companies are created equally. Some simply rent you a moving truck and let you take care of all the packing, loading, driving and unloading for yourself. Others provide a full service option, even bringing packing supplies and services to your home to take care of it all for you. Still, other options exist, such as packing up your own things on your own time and having the moving company load it all into the truck, transport it, and unload it for you at your destination. However you want to move – whatever you want to get out of your moving experience – it is important to hire a company that will move you on your terms.

Mobile Storage Options
In addition to the way that you move, you will also want to look into other options that can help to reduce some of the stress from your move. Mobile storage in MA is one way that homeowners are helping to facilitate a move without having to do it all in one day. Mobile storage is a great way to store some of your things while trying to sell your home, reducing the amount of things you have to move on moving day, or storing some things you won’t need if you are making an international move, but will want your things when you return to New England. To fill this need, Conlon Moving & Storage, as an agent of United Van Lines, has partnered with United Mayflower Container Services for container storage, and Go Mini’s Containers for portable self-storage options. Using container storage can help you to take even more control over your move so you can move at your own pace.

Smart Packing Tips
Before you start packing any of your things, make sure to get all of the packing supplies and services that you will need to get the job done right. That means plenty of boxes and supplies, such as packing tape, a permanent marker for labeling your boxes, bubble wrap, packing paper or even packing “peanuts” to make it easy to protect your things.

Here are some extra tips to help make packing more efficient:

  • Pack like items into each box based on the room that they will go into and label each box to make unloading and unpacking even easier.
  • Never pack more than 50 pounds of stuff into one box.
  • Put heavier items on the bottom and lighter items on the top to prevent breakage.
  • Fill in empty spaces in boxes with light things, such as pillow cases, socks or towels.
  • Do not over or under fill a box – make sure to use all of the space in each box to prevent crushing or spilling out during transportation.
  • If you want to put clothing or linens inside of a trash bag before packing them inside of a box, make sure to use a heavy duty trash bag instead of a regular kitchen trash bag for best results.
  • Do not throw a bunch of small, loose items into a large box; instead use a small box or zip bag for the small items before placing them into a bigger box; and make sure to label the big box.

Preparing Furniture for a Move
Whether you are loading the items into mobile storage in MA yourself, or if you are hiring the residential moving company to load everything for you, it pays to prepare your furniture for a move ahead of time to reduce the amount of time it takes to get it ready. Some furniture will be moved easier if disassembled, such as table legs, bed frames and TV stands. Make sure to keep all of the hardware, such as washers, bolts and other important items, in a small zip bag that is taped to the underside of the furniture for quick and easy assembly at your new location. Make sure to pack your tools up in a single box for easy access or consider bringing them along in your personal vehicle so you will have them ready when you need them.

Wrap mattresses, sofas, chairs and other furniture with moving blankets to prevent scratching or other damage. If you are loading the mobile storage in MA yourself, put large furniture pieces and appliances to the outside of the storage space and stack boxes on top of them whenever safe to do so to give you more room. Loading the boxes to the middle of the container storage or moving truck will make it easier to unload again at your new place. Make sure to ask your moving companies in Massachusetts about any other packing supplies and services that you can use to your advantage to help facilitate your move.

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