Transit Protection: International Moves from RI, CT and MA

international-movesPlanning a move of any type involves a lot of moving parts, but making a move overseas to a foreign country can be kind of intimidating, especially if you have never done it before. Different countries have different laws about what you can and cannot bring across their borders. Before you start planning an international move, make sure to contact reputable moving companies in Seekonk, Massachusetts that can help you do it right.

International move management is more than just packing and shipping your things, it means taking care of all the paperwork, going through your belongings to make sure that nothing will get hung up in customs, storing items that cannot be moved and providing you with overseas transit protection. Making international moves from RI, CT and MA can be simplified considerably if you work with a professional moving company that has experience working with global logistics.

What Do You Need to Bring?
Before you start planning your international move, it is important to take stock of what you have and what you need to move. Is the move temporary for business or education? Or will this be a permanent move outside of the United States? Will you be moving overseas or to a country that is on the same continent, such as Canada or Mexico? The way that you answer these questions will determine some of the methods and options available to you with regard to your international move management.

Before you move to another country you need to consider the size of your family, the local housing market, the size of homes in the other country and the moving allowance that your employer or other provider gives to your for your move. Depending on the country you are moving to, the houses and apartments might be bigger or smaller than what you are used to at home. If that is the case, you might be better off working with moving companies in Seekonk, Massachusetts to find viable long term storage for the things you won’t need to bring. Extra furniture, seasonal clothing and personal keepsakes are just some of the things that many people choose to leave behind.

Research & Rely on Relocation Services
In addition to working with professional movers in the US for your international moves from RI, CT and MA, it is also a good idea to do some research about the country you are moving to and work directly with international relocation services. They can provide you with tips on the area that you are moving to, the things that you might need to bring, school choices for children, as well as cultural and legal restrictions, conduct and regulations that you will need to adhere to during your move and your stay. There is much more to international move management than just packing a bag and going abroad.

If you are moving for business, you can ask the company about relocation assistance services that might be available. Some companies will also steer you toward community housing options that can save you money and help make you feel more at home during your stay. This can be for short-term moves, as well as for long-term moves, depending on your needs. If the opportunity is provided to let you fly over for a visit first to scout out the area, make sure to take it and use it to your advantage. However, when you work with moving companies in Seekonk, Massachusetts that have experience with global moving, you can sometimes get additional assistance through that service as well.

Learn to Be Patient & Flexible
One of the best things you can do to help facilitate international moves from RI, CT and MA, aside from hiring a professional company to deal with the international move management planning, paperwork and overseas transit protection, is to learn how to be more patient and flexible. Moving to a new country is a life experience that must be taken on slowly and cautiously. Slight differences in the culture, laws and expectations in a brand new country can be exciting, but they can also have real life implications if you do not respect the rules of the area. Make sure to be patient while negotiating your move and count on your moving company, relocation service and employer to help you make it go smoothly.

Call Conlon Moving & Storage for International Moves
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