Top Tips for Planning International Moves from RI CT and MA

international-moving-tipsWhether you are moving for business – or are starting a new adventure – making an overseas move can be complicated and scary if you don’t know what you are doing. Between all of the regulations and laws that you need to follow for shipping and learning about required services, such as overseas transit protection, it can all be very overwhelming. When you work with a professional moving company like Conlon Moving & Storage, which has over 125 years of experience working with local, interstate and international moves from the northeastern states, you get peace of mind. Our team of international move management experts can help you with everything you need for international moves from RI, CT and MA, as well as information on commercial storage in Massachusetts for the things you cannot take abroad.

Establish Your Goals
What is the purpose of your overseas move? Why are you leaving the United States and what are you moving to in a new country? Is it just you by yourself or do you have a spouse? Are there children and pets to consider? Will you be looking for a new job or are you relocating with your company? Will you need to make arrangements for school and daycare for your children? What about any language barriers – do you need a translator or someone to navigate your international move for you in that regard? Once you think about what you are doing, where you are going and what you want to do when you get there, planning the rest of your overseas move will be that much easier.

Discover the Area
If at all possible, you should consider a trip to the place where you are moving ahead of time. This will give you a chance to get a “lay of the land,” see where you will be living, where you will be working, speak with teachers prior to your children starting school and help you to understand more about the customs, culture and requirements of the country in person, instead of just reading a book or a brochure. Take time to visit and ask questions that will help you determine what you want to bring, and what you want to leave behind in commercial storage in Massachusetts. International moves from RI, CT and MA can be very complicated or they can be very easy, it just depends on how prepared you are to do it and whether or not you decide to hire an international move management team to help make it happen.

Permanent or Temporary?
How long will you be living in the new country overseas? Will you be moving there on a permanent basis, become a citizen and put down roots? Or is this more of a temporary move that will last a set period of time? Part of international move management is determining the type of move and the length of time that the client will be living overseas so they can help manage the transport of furniture, personal belongings and other goods internationally or encourage clients to leave most of their things behind in commercial storage in Massachusetts. Depending on the length of your stay, it may be in your best interest to rent a fully furnished apartment or home and leave your furniture behind. As there is risk any time you move things overseas, it is required for all movers to get overseas transit protection. Why risk your favorite furniture if the move will just be temporary?

Get Papers in Order
When moving to a new country – either on your own or with a family – there are papers that need to be gathered for entrance into the country and for proof of your residence and intent to be able to live there. Passports, birth certificates, vaccination records, medical records, school records – the list goes on and on. Speak with an experienced consultant who works in international move management for more information on what you will need for you and your family members, and also for details on getting overseas transit protection and other insurance on all of your belongings.

Call Conlon Moving & Storage for International Moves
If you are planning on making international moves from RI, CT and MA, make sure to contact the global moving experts at Conlon Moving & Storage. Our team of international move management experts can help you with everything you might need to make your overseas move more efficient and stress-free. Commercial storage in Massachusetts at our Seekonk facility will safeguard your belongings until you return and we will even assist with overseas transit protection to make sure that the things you do bring with you are covered. Give us a call at 508-336-7766 and ask about our FREE in-home estimate for your move, as well as our other consultation, storage and moving services.