Top Reasons to Get Temporary Mobile Storage in Connecticut

Advantages of Temporary StorageWhat is temporary storage? Temporary storage is a short-term storage solution that can be used by individuals, families or even businesses, to safeguard personal items or assets. Short-term can be defined as a matter of days, weeks, months or even a year or so, depending on your needs. There are many different reasons why people utilize storage from moving companies in Connecticut, so there is no right or wrong way to take advantage of this beneficial opportunity. Conlon Moving & Storage provides residential and commercial storage in Massachusetts, serving the entire South Coast area. So whether you need mobile storage in MA, RI or CT – we’ve got you covered.

Convenient – When you work with local Connecticut movers to provide you with temporary storage solutions, you can choose to have a container storage or smaller mini storage delivered to your location. There, you can pack it up according to your schedule and have them move the unit into their commercial storage in Massachusetts until you are ready to have it returned or delivered to a new location. You can also opt to keep the storage unit on-site so you can shift things around as-needed. This is a great benefit for remodeling projects and office reorganizations.

Affordable – Compared to other types of storage, mobile storage in MA, CT and RI is very affordable and cost-effective. Storage locker style self-storage can end up costing more than you realize. Many of those services require a minimum contract of six to twelve months. You will also need to rent a truck or borrow a vehicle to get your things from your home or office to the storage facility. When you use container or mini storage through moving companies in Connecticut, they deliver it to you, negating the need for truck rental costs, moving costs, fuel costs and other associated fees.

Time – Sometimes you need to be out of one location before the next location is ready. In these situations, being able to load up your belongings into a temporary storage container or mini storage and have your Connecticut movers take it to a safe and secure facility is the best solution. You can stay at a hotel or with friends, without having to worry about what’s happening with all of your stuff. Mobile storage in MA gives you the time to be able to take care of business without having to deal with moving everything to a storage facility or paying extra to stay longer at your old location if it is even possible to do so.

Opportunity – Being able to place your things in residential or commercial storage in Massachusetts gives you the opportunity to get things done. You can use storage solutions to clear out clutter, store seasonal items and make extra room in your home. For businesses, temporary storage through moving companies in Connecticut can allow you to safely store file cabinets, displays and extra merchandise stock, so you can have room to expand, bring in temporary employees or organize your back office. Temporary storage is a great opportunity to have a little extra room to get the things done that you need to get done.

School/Service – Do you have a son or daughter that is going off to college or the military? Temporary storage can be a great place to keep all the things that they don’t have room for in the dormitory. You have been waiting nearly two decades to turn that room into an office or a craft room, so why not get all of their stuff out of the house at once? Our team of Connecticut movers can help you load all of the furniture and other keepsakes into the storage unit and then take it to our commercial storage in Massachusetts for safekeeping.

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