Tips for Smarter Moving: Business Relocation in MA, CT or RI

business-relocationGetting ready to move your business? Are you in need of commercial storage in Seekonk, MA or the surrounding area? Considering hiring a pro to help you with trade show moving services in MA for a convention or conference? It is important to work with a commercial moving company that has knowledge and experience with the types of things that you need moved and stored. You wouldn’t have a novice take care of your Information Technology department just because your IT guru was on vacation, so you shouldn’t just ask your team members to help you load up a rented truck and hope everything arrives at its destination in one piece.

Making a commercial move, regardless if you are relocating a business down the street or moving to another state, involves strategy. Trade show moving involves logistics that include working with the conference center to ensure that everything gets moved according to their regulations so you won’t get stuck not having something that you desperately need. Getting storage for important company files, furniture and equipment due to a growth or loss in business, must be done by a company that understand your unique needs.

Conlon Moving & Storage provides top quality solutions for commercial and residential clients throughout Rhode Island and Massachusetts. Our team can help you find the best strategies for your specific needs. From moving and storage to trade shows and special commodities, you can count on Conlon Moving & Storage to help you achieve your goals anywhere in New England, across the United States or around the world.

8 Tips to Improve Your Experience
Business owners and managers are always looking for new ways to improve a moving experience. There are so many things that need to be done whenever you move even just part of your business into storage or to expand into a larger space. Downsizing can also present challenges, so it is important to work with a company that provides top quality commercial moving and commercial storage in Seekonk, MA that serves the entire local region – and beyond.

Tip #1 – Make Plans Ahead of Time
While some quick moves cannot be avoided, it is always best to be able to start making plans for a business relocation in MA, CT or RI as far ahead of time as possible – bare minimum six months to ensure that nothing gets forgotten. Very large commercial moves can require even more time, as much as one to two years in advance, depending on what you need to do.

Tip #2 – Choose a Reputable Mover
It pays to work with a professional commercial moving company that has experience working with your type of business and that has connections that can help you to achieve your goals. For example, Conlon Moving & Storage is an agent for United Van Lines, providing our clients with commercial and residential moving resources and storage solutions that can be used all over the globe.

Tip #3 – Arrange the Move With the Building Owner
If you do not own the building that your business is currently in or is moving into, make sure to schedule the move with the property owner so they know what to expect. Some owners will require you to move after business hours to ensure that your move does not interfere with the business of other clients. Others may want you to use service elevators or restrict moves to weekends only to avoid conflicts.

Tip #4 – Get Moving Insurance
Make sure that the commercial moving company you use for trade show moving services in MA or a complete business relocation in MA, CT or RI has insurance. Many of the convention centers or buildings that you will be moving out of and into will require proof of moving insurance, so make sure you get a copy right away.

Tip #5 – Give Employees Advance Notice
This is particularly important if you will be moving your company out of the immediate area. However, even if you are just moving from one building to the next on the same property or same general area, you should give your team some advanced notice. Speak with your legal adviser regarding state laws that state how much time an employer must give an employee notice regarding a move.

Tip #6 – Make a List
Figure out all of the things in your office that will need to be re-printed with the new address, such as return address labels, business cards, letterhead stationary, envelopes and other important items. Contact the printer to find out about lead times so you will be ready when the time comes for your move.

Tip #7 – Give Advance Notice to Customers or Clients
Depending on the type of business you do, whether it be retail, service or virtual, make sure to give your customers or clients as much advance notice as possible. This is especially important if your customers or clients come into your office to conduct business or if they send payments or other communications by post mail or delivery.

Tip #8 – Alert Vendors to Your Move
If your business receives office supplies, materials and other essential things from vendors, make sure to contact them in advance about your move. Contact the moving company about using commercial storage in Seekonk, MA to store excess retail inventory and stock, as well as holiday displays and other items that you won’t need prior to and during the move that can be stored in advance of the move. Contact utility companies and other services to let them know that you will be moving.

Call Conlon Moving & Storage for More Support
If you are planning a business relocation in MA, CT or RI and need the services of a commercial moving company, contact Conlon Moving & Storage. Our logistics department can help you with trade show moving services in MA, as well as other unique moving and storage requirements. Just give us a call at 508-336-7766 to find out more about our services or to schedule a free assessment of your moving needs.