Stress-Free Business Move in Rhode Island

Rhode Island movers how to have a stress free business move.

There comes a time when small and large businesses find that they need to plan a relocation. Either the business is booming and you need more room, or you are working to increase profits and decide to reduce overhead by moving to a cheaper or smaller location. Whatever the reason, it is important to work with experienced and professional moving companies in Rhode Island that can help you to more effectively and efficiently to minimize downtime. Worries about losing business during a relocation are the number one stress factor in a commercial move. Make sure to let your commercial moving company know about your concerns so they can create a plan to overcome those issues.

Making Plans to Move
Once you have signed the contract for the new office suite or building, it is time to start making your plans. When you work with a reputable interstate moving company, like Conlon Moving & Storage, you will find that it is even easier to create a moving strategy, whether you are moving out-of-state or decide to stay local. One person in your office should be appointed as the contact for the Rhode Island movers. This will help you to stay focused, ensure that all of the information, changes, updates, reminders and other communication, comes from one central point of contact. This will help you to avoid issues that can come from too many people being involved.

You will need to have the following information prepared and ready to start planning your move:

  • scheduled move-in date for the new location
  • required move-out date for the current location
  • any possible needs for moving things in or out of storage as part of the move
  • a physical address of the new location and any map or floor plan of the space
  • time to schedule a walk-through with moving companies in Rhode Island to determine how much needs to be moved and if there are any specialty items to be included

What are Specialty Items?
When planning a business move with an interstate moving company like Conlon Moving & Storage, it is important to let your moving logistics coordinator know about any specialty items that need to be moved. Specialty items can consist of high value or sensitive equipment, as well as anything that would be considered as difficult to move, such as odd-sized, odd-shaped or over-sized assets. Any stock or inventory that requires specialty moving equipment should also be mentioned while gathering information to create an accurate estimate for your moving experience. Rhode Island movers can accommodate a lot of unique situations and requirements, but you need to let your representative know as soon as possible what those needs will be.

Other Things That Can Affect Your Move
In addition to considering specialty items and the location that you are moving your business to, there are still other things that must be considered. Providing employees with advance notice of your move is essential, especially is you are moving outside the local region or state. Your interstate moving company can help you create a timetable for all of the things that will need to be done, but you need to make sure to notify employees and any customers or clients that come to your office, about the impending move.

Other things to communicate to your moving companies in Rhode Island include:

  • the number of employees who will be moving with you
  • the number of offices or workstations that will need to be moved and set up
  • any special spaces, such as a reception area, break room, restrooms, conference room, etc.
  • any IT or telecommunications requirements that need to be addressed
  • any security systems that will be put in place prior to or during the move
  • difficult moving situations, including elevators, stairs, service entrances, moving time restrictions, winding or narrow hallways, or any other potential hazards

Full-Service Moving Opportunities
There are a lot of options when you hire a reputable commercial moving company like Conlon Moving & Storage. Our team can help to create a full-service move for your business, including packing and dismantling office furniture and then unpacking and setting it all back up again at your new location. We can also allow you to pack your own things if that is your preference, and we will show up on moving day to load and transport everything for you. When you work with interstate moving company logistics, you can create a move that incorporates all of the elements you desire, without having to deal with services you don’t need.

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