Residential Moving Tips in MA: Packing for an Interstate Move

packing-interstate-moveIf you are planning on making a residential move in the new year, you are not alone. Studies estimate that there will be millions of Americans making a similar move this year. Some of the biggest challenges that face individuals and families who are preparing to make a move include choosing the right type of packing supplies and services to help facilitate a move. When you work with a professional company that provides residential moving and storage, like Conlon Moving & Storage, you can rest assured that your belongings will be taken care of and moved properly to your new destination.

Whether you are staying in the tri-state area of Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut, or if you are moving across the country, it is a good idea to make sure that your things are properly packed and loaded onto the truck to prevent damages or loss during the trip. If your move is temporary or if you won’t need to move all of your belongings at once, consider using a mobile storage company in MA. Many homeowners are taking advantage of the mobile storage options available at Conlon Moving & Storage to make the moving process even easier. Make sure to ask your representative about whether mobile storage might be right for you.

Hire Professional Packers
One way to ensure that all of your things get packed properly is to hire professional packers through your residential moving and storage company. The packers at Conlon Moving & Storage are highly trained and experienced in packing supplies and services for both residential and commercial clients. Our team of Massachusetts residential movers can help you pack even fragile, odd-shaped and over-sized items. This is an excellent service for customers who don’t have time to pack or aren’t sure how to pack for a long distance move.

Moving insurance is another option if you have a lot of high value items that need protection. Ask your residential moving and storage company about any insurance programs that they have available to help protect your things. Make sure the company comes out to your current location to do a visual survey of everything that will need to be packed and moved before your moving day. This is the only way they can give you an accurate estimate of costs for your interstate residential move. If you need packing supplies and services, they can include it in your estimate.

Learn How to Pack Yourself
If you are on a budget and don’t want to pay for professional packing services, you can opt to pack your things on your own. You can also do partial packing for your personal items, but have the moving company take care of odd items, such as flat panel televisions and antique furniture. This can help save you money while still protecting your belongings. The best way to ensure that your things don’t get broken during the move is to learn how to properly pack everything for yourself.

Before you start packing anything, make sure you have all of the boxes and packing supplies that you need to do the job right. That means bubble wrap, actual packing tape, permanent markers for labeling your boxes, packing paper and specialty boxes for odd-shaped items. Never get boxes from online free sites or in the back of stores. Chances are those boxes are too damaged to truly protect your things and you might pick up a few extra things if you use those boxes, such as insects, spiders and other pests. Ask your Massachusetts residential movers about available packing supplies and services that you can purchase.

Be as organized as possible. Consider using a mobile storage company in MA to store some of your belongings while you sell your home or prepare for your move. For some moves, you can even just load up your things into the mobile storage container at your leisure and have the residential moving and storage company move the container instead of loading up a moving truck. Make sure to ask your representative if this service is available in your area and for your type of move.

Call Conlon Moving & Storage
If you are planning a move in Massachusetts, Rhode Island or Connecticut for residential moving and storage, consider calling the Massachusetts residential movers at Conlon Moving & Storage. We can help you with packing supplies and services to help make your move a breeze. We can even connect you with our local mobile storage company in MA. Give us a call at 508-336-7766 for a FREE estimate or to find out more about our services.