Questions to Ask Your Residential Moving Company

questions-residential-movesWhen it comes time to start making plans for a residential move in the New England states, it pays to learn a little bit about the way things work. For example, learning when to plan a move to avoid the busiest moving times of the month and year will give you more options with regard to available services and help you to avoid any delays. Working with a professional residential moving company for your domestic or international moves from Rhode Island, and Massachusetts can make everything go much smoother without a lot of complications. While there will always be little issues that need to be handled, you can count on the services for moving and mobile storage in MA to help you overcome.

Question #1 – Are You Registered?
Whether your move is out of state or overseas, it is important to work with a professional residential moving company that is properly licensed, registered and insured to handle your type of move. All moving companies should also have something called a United States Dept. of Transportation, which is a number showing registration with the United States Department of Transportation. Check to see that all of their registrations and insurance are current and up-to-date for best results. While it may seem like a lot to ask, when it comes to moving your things, it is important to make sure they are up to the task and that you will be covered in case anything goes wrong.

Question #2 – What About Insurance?
Knowing that a company is insured and then getting additional insurance for your move are two different things. When it comes to basic packing supplies and services, you probably won’t have much cause for insurance, but if you are doing long-distance interstate or international moves from Rhode Island, and Massachusetts, you will want to make sure that you are protected. As about their mobile storage in MA as well, especially if you will be stowing some items before and after your move. Taking advantage of storage opportunities can be a huge asset to a move, especially if you have a lot of belongings that must be shifted from one place to another.

Question #3 – Can I Get a FREE Estimate?
Make sure that the company offers a service that includes providing you with a FREE estimate for their moving services. Ensure that everything is included in the estimate, especially packing supplies and services that you need to keep everything on track and protected. To get a FREE estimate from Conlon Moving & Storage, just give us a call at 508-336-7766 and one of our residential moving consultants will come to your location to conduct a survey of all the items you plan on moving. The cost for the move will be determined based on the number of items and the overall weight, as well as the destination that you will be moving to, and a written estimate will be provided for all moving services in Southeastern Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut.

Question #4 – What About Extra Costs?
Make sure to speak with the residential moving company about any extra costs or fees that might be incurred on moving day. If you need any extra packing supplies and services, if there are any stairs, if a moving elevator is required but out of service, if there are any awkward or heavy items – all of these things might translate to extra costs. It is better to speak with the company ahead of time and know what to expect that to be caught by surprise. This is why it is important to work closely with the residential moving company for any domestic or international moves from Rhode Island, and Massachusetts, so everything will be in order before your moving day.

Contact Conlon Moving & Storage Today
If you are contemplating a residential move in the northeastern states, contact Conlon Moving & Storage right away to find out about options and availability. The sooner you can book a residential moving company in advance of your move, the more likely you will be able to get the date and time frame that you desire. Long-distance and international moves from Rhode Island and Massachusetts should be planned several weeks in advance, due in part to the amount of planning that is involved. If packing supplies and services in addition to basic moves are required, make sure to ask them as soon as possible in the discussion about details. Give us a call at 508-336-7766 and start making your plans for residential moving and mobile storage in Rhode Island and Massachusetts today.