Prepare for Interstate Move: Rhode Island Residential Movers

Stress-Free Residential MovingPerhaps one of the most stressful types of household moves is to move from one state to another. However, when you increase the distance by making a cross-country move, the stress can get even higher. One way to combat moving stress is to work with an experienced interstate moving company that can help you with all the details. Rhode Island residential movers at Conlon Moving & Storage can help you with a wide variety of services, provide you with the packing supplies that you need, and can schedule a move on your terms. Whether you need to leave some things behind in a residential storage in Massachusetts or if you need experienced logistics to get everything to your new location, make sure to work with trusted moving companies in Rhode Island that will help you cross all the t’s and dot all the i’s with your cross-country move.

Getting Started: Hire a Moving Company
As soon as you know for sure that you are moving and have a target date set for your move, start contacting Rhode Island residential movers to get a FREE estimate on what it would cost to move you from New England to another state. Don’t forget to ask about all of the services available, such as using mobile storage, storage and moving containers, packing supplies, packing services and anything else that you might need from moving companies in Rhode Island to facilitate your move. Once you find an interstate moving company that you like and get a quote that suits your budget, go ahead and schedule your move. The sooner you can schedule your move or book your residential storage in Massachusetts, the more likely you will be to get the dates and services you require.

BONUS TIP – Some times of year are busier than others when it comes to scheduling Rhode Island residential movers. Summertime is popular for families so they can move their kids between school years. Many others like to schedule moves for three-day holiday weekends or spring and winter breaks to give them more time to get the move done. Speak with your moving companies in Rhode Island about your target moving date to make sure that all of the services you want to include will be available.

When you contact movers to come out to your home they will likely take an inventory of everything that needs to be moved. This will help them prepare for large, fragile or awkward items that might need special attention and care. If your interstate moving company is also packing you, this will help them know how many boxes they will need and whether any special packing supplies will be required. In addition, you can let the moving companies in Rhode Island know about any items that you will be packing for yourself, such as a box of personal items to take on the trip in your personal vehicle, or extremely fragile items, such as your grandmother’s china tea set or collectibles.

Protect Your Belongings
In addition to going the extra step to hire an experience, licensed and highly trained team of movers for your cross-country move, you should also ask about protecting your belongings. Most professional moving companies in Rhode Island offer moving insurance as part of the package, especially when you are working with an experienced interstate moving company. Conlon Moving & Storage is an agent of United Van Lines, which gives us access to moving supplies and equipment necessary to facilitate a professional move of any kind. In addition to working with residential moves for individuals and families, we also work with commercial businesses to provide moving logistics for sensitive equipment. This gives us the unique ability to provide top quality services to a wide range of diverse clients, regardless of where or what they are moving. Ask about additional insurance or protections that can be added to your quote from your trusted Rhode Island residential movers.

Preparing to Move
One way to reduce the amount of things that you are transporting across the country to your new home is to go through your belongings ahead of time. This is a great opportunity to toss out things that are broken, no longer needed or to put things into residential storage in Massachusetts, if necessary. Some cross-country moves are temporary, so there is no reason to bring your entire household with you if you will only be there a few months or a year. If you will be coming back to the South Coast area, make sure to ask your interstate moving company about local storage options.

Go through your things and create three piles as you move through each room – one for keeping, one for tossing, and one for storage. You can even make a fourth pile of things that are in good condition that you no longer want or need that can be sold or donated to a local charity. This will help you reduce the amount of things that will need to be packed and moved. It could even reduce the cost of your interstate move with your moving companies in Rhode Island.

Call Conlon Moving & Storage
When you are ready to start planning your move, either locally, cross country or internationally outside of North America, make sure to contact Conlon Moving & Storage right away. Our team will come to your home and provide you with a FREE estimate for all of your moving and storage needs. Take advantage of our interstate moving company experience, as well as our residential storage in Massachusetts. Give us a call at 508-336-7766 and find out why Conlon Moving & Storage is one of the most trusted moving companies in Rhode Island and Massachusetts.