New Bedford Packing Supplies and Services for IT Equipment

new-bedford-packing-suppliesOne of the most challenging things about making a commercial move is having to relocate an information technology or IT department. All of the computers, wires, servers and other essential elements must be handled carefully and by someone who knows what they are doing. Hiring a commercial moving company can be a big step in the right direction, as well as purchasing quality packing supplies and services that will help you make a smart move. If you need commercial storage in Massachusetts to help facilitate your move, you should choose moving companies in New Bedford, MA that also have storage space designed specifically for commercial clients.

It Helps to Have a Plan
When it comes time to move large IT equipment, it is important to have a plan. You don’t want to save it all for last minute considerations. In fact, if your equipment is very large, you might want to consider consulting with a logistics department at the commercial moving company. If you have never moved an IT department before, you might not know that the server racks should be emptied before being moved, but that the racks and equipment should be labeled so that everything can be put back the way it was. If anything can be packed up and moved ahead of time, ask about commercial storage in Massachusetts to keep everything safe and protected until you need it at the new location.

Any other IT equipment should be disassembled and labeled properly before being moved, such as computers, carts, audio visual setups and more. Before the move happens, make sure to look over all your equipment and make notes about any special assembly that needs to be noted or any specialty packing supplies and services that should be remembered on your moving day. If you work with professional moving companies in New Bedford, MA, they can help you with consultations on relocating an IT department, which can be an extremely valuable asset.

Find Out About Insurance
While it is very likely that your commercial moving company will be able to offer you quality insurance options to cover your IT equipment and other things from your office, make sure to check with your insurance policy to see if there are any allowances for coverage if you move the things yourself or if you work with third party moving companies in New Bedford, MA or the surrounding South Coast area. Some policies may cover this, but most won’t. Make sure to stick with the terms of your policy to avoid any problems.

IT equipment is extremely expensive and valuable, so if your policy won’t cover damage or destruction during a move, ask about getting an extra policy for the move or talk with the movers about how much coverage is available. Hiring a specialty mover who has experienced working with packing supplies and services for sensitive equipment or even commercial storage in Massachusetts for things that need to be stored temporarily is your best bet. Ask specifically if they have experience moving IT servers and racks.

Test Before You Move
You don’t want to go to all the trouble of packing everything up and moving it to the new location only to find out that there are pre-existing issues with your equipment. A few weeks before you make your move with local moving companies in New Bedford, MA, shut down your entire IT department. Leave everything off for at least 20-30 minutes before you begin to power it all back on again. What this test will do is reveal to you if there are any issues that you weren’t already aware of with the equipment.

If everything comes back on as it should, you are OK and should be good to go with the commercial moving company on moving day. If everything doesn’t come back on the way it should, you might need to order a new replacement part or bring in a repair crew. Make sure that you do this far enough in advance to be able to get the new parts or assistance you require before you make the move. You don’t want to move faulty equipment and you don’t want the move to be blamed for any operational issues.

Contact Conlon Moving Company
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