Moving Logistics: Plan a Business Relocation in MA, CT and RI

business-relocation-plansIt is never easy when it comes time to relocate a business. Whether you are moving to a larger or more convenient place, or you are downgrading to reduce overhead, there are always lots of things to consider and plan. Moving companies in Massachusetts that work specifically with commercial clients can help you with something called moving logistics. Designed to help overcome potential issues before they become full-blown problems, logistics can help you with basic considerations like reducing downtime to international move management. If you are contemplating a business relocation in MA, CT or RI, look no further than Conlon Moving & Storage to help you do it right.

Planning Ahead for a Smoother Move
If you want to reduce stress and the opportunity for things to go wrong with your business move, make sure to take time to plan ahead. Working directly with professional moving companies in Massachusetts that have experience moving the type of equipment and furniture that you have at your office location can make a big difference. IT equipment, medical equipment, file cabinets, computers and other sensitive items must be moved correctly to ensure that they aren’t damaged during transportation. With the help of experienced and professional movers, you should be able to plan ahead for everything and move without worry.

Some of the areas that you will want to concentrate on for your move include:

  • ensuring that your utilities and telecommunications services are aware of your impending move and that they will be ready to transfer services from your old location to your new one without any delay
  • making sure that everyone on your team knows what they are responsible for with regard to the move – including packing up the offices, cleaning out the break room and setting everything up at the new location as part of the overall moving logistics
  • contacting vendors ahead of time to make sure that they know to switch deliveries and services to the new location as of your effective date – this will help avoid any confusion or delays in deliveries for materials and products that are required for your business
  • taking care of details regarding updating letterhead, business cards, envelopes, pamphlets and other paper hand-outs to the new address, phone number and any other information that has changed

It’s All in the Details
In addition to taking care of business in advance of your move, it is also a good idea to create a schedule for deadlines, such as notifying clients or customers about the impending move, taking the employees to see the new location so they can see what changes will be made and, of course, solidifying your contract with local movers to help with your business relocation in MA, CT or RI. Go over the plans that you have already made, any checklists that you have created and discuss anything that you still need to do with the moving companies in Massachusetts. They can help you with other areas of moving logistics that you may have overlooked.

In the case of international move management, whether you are remaining in North America or are going abroad, make sure to work closely with the moving company to ensure that you are doing everything by the book. Some of the office equipment that you have here in the States won’t work in other countries. There are also laws, regulations, insurance and many other details that you will need to go over and understand before you take the plunge. When you work with moving companies in Massachusetts like Conlon Moving & Storage, which have many years of experience working with commercial and international moves, you have a huge advantage on your side.

Be Ready on Moving Day
When the big day comes from your business relocation in MA, CT or RI, it is important to be ready. When you hire a moving company to take care of all the heavy lifting, your job is to be prepared to receive your furniture and equipment on the other end and tell the movers where things need to go. You can either pack the boxes yourself, or hire the moving companies in Massachusetts to take care of all the details for you. Make sure that everything is labeled properly to avoid any last minute confusion at the new site.

You and your team should also be ready to unpack smaller boxes at the new location, as well as any personal boxes that your team may have packed with office supplies, photos and personal effects. Some of these things can be moved over individually in personal cars or a company truck or van. Make sure to have someone there at the new site to work with utility companies to make sure the electricity, water, phones and internet are all up and running as you need them to be. Someone should also be there to check office furniture and equipment as it comes in to make sure that nothing is damaged, as you will need to report any problems right away for insurance purposes.

Contact Conlon Moving & Storage for Business Moves
If you are looking at doing a business relocation in MA, CT or RI and are in need of professional moving logistics, contact Conlon Moving & Storage. We can help you with local, regional, nation and international move management to ensure that everything gets taken care of properly. While there are many moving companies in Massachusetts, there are few who can match the over 125 years of consistent service that Conlon Moving & Storage has with both commercial and residential relocations. Give us a call at 508-336-7766 to learn more about our services or to make an appointment for a FREE consultation.