Moving Logistics: Hosting a Trade Show in Rhode Island or MA

trade-show-logisticsIf you have ever planned a trade show, you know it’s a lot of work. Don’t ever underestimate the amount of planning, scheduling, meeting and calling that you’ll have to do in order to pull off a trade show in Rhode Island, Massachusetts or anywhere else in the nation. There are ways of making it easier, but many of them involve having years of experience under your belt. Like anything else, you learn as you go along. But one of the best tips that will help you to have a smooth-running trade show should not be kept a secret.

When you are planning, hosting or even participating in a trade show with a booth or some other type of feature presentation, consider working with a professional moving company who has experience working with moving logistics. There are a lot of moving companies in Providence, RI, but not all of them have experience moving trade shows. Conlon Moving & Storage has many years of experience working with the trade show industry and can provide you with all of the tips, tricks and tools that you need to pull off an organized show.

Planning, Planning & Planning Some More

That’s pretty much the mantra of anyone who has done a trade show in Rhode Island or the surrounding South Coast area. There are a lot of details that must be remembered and incorporated into the trade show plan. Moving logistics help because they assist in keeping everything organized and structured, allow you to sit back and let the professional moving company handle the details of loading everything up and moving it from point A to point B, then to points C, D and E – all the way until the end of your trade show tour.

Shipping issues are one of those aspects of planning a trade show that can make or break your event. Imagine if an important and essential part of your booth didn’t make it to the destination – or that important documents, trade show badges or credit card processing equipment just never arrived! What would you do? Working with experienced, licensed and insured moving companies in Providence, RI can help you to make sure that everything gets taken care of by a professional moving company that you trust so that you won’t leave anything to chance.

Tips to Help You Plan a Perfect Trade Show

Everyone needs a little help planning a trade show and beyond the skills and wisdom of your professional moving company and the corporate moving logistics that they employ, here are some tips that might help.

Tip #1 – Learn About Advanced Shipping

Sometimes you have a week between trade shows, but the venue won’t allow your items to arrive until the day before the event. Speak with your moving logistics consultant about using storage through the professional moving company to advance ship your items and keep them safe and protected until they are ready to be delivered to the venue for the trade show in Rhode Island or wherever it will be taking place.

Tip #2 – Don’t Forget the Paperwork

One of the biggest hassles associated with planning a professional trade show is all of the important paperwork that must be filled out ahead of time and given to the venue, broker, insurance agent and other essential persons. Make sure to get advanced copies for each venue, fill everything out accurately ahead of time and get a copy to go with the moving logistics representative with the professional moving company so the documentation will be there when the boxes arrive at the trade show in Rhode Island.

Tip #3 – Label Absolutely Everything

Chances are your professional moving company will handle all of these details for you, but it is important to use labels to identify all shipping cases and boxes. Include your company name, the name of your trade show, the booth number – if applicable, and a phone number, email address and other important contact information if it were to get lost. Make sure you keep a list of all the boxes and what is supposed to be in them so you’ll know immediately if you are short or missing something. There’s nothing quite like getting ready to open your trade show in Rhode Island up for business only to find that you left all the brochures and handouts at the last hotel.

Contact Conlon Moving & Storage for Moving Logistics

If you are planning trade shows in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut or anywhere in the northeastern states and across the country, contact Conlon Moving & Storage. Our team has many years of experience working with moving logistics and we are one of the oldest and most respected moving companies in Providence, RI and the surrounding area. Located in Seekonk, MA, we can help you with your trade show in Rhode Island and arrange for professional moving services to relocate you wherever you need to go in-state, out of state or around the globe. Call us today at 508-336-7766 and ask to speak with our commercial logistics representative.