Moving House in Seekonk: Tips for Super Organized Local Moves

Organized Local MovingIf you are planning on making a local residential move in the South Coast area, you will really benefit from the tips shared in this article. When it comes to residential moving and storage it pays to be organized. Everything from packing your things to coordinating your move with local Massachusetts residential movers should be structured and well-planned to prevent stress and problems on your actual moving day. When you work with moving companies in Seekonk, Massachusetts to help facilitate your local move, you can count on having a team of true professionals to help you achieve your goals and get it all done in a single day.

Don’t Underestimate a Local Move
The biggest tip that you need to pay attention to is to never underestimate local moves in Seekonk, MA. In many cases, a short move across town or even down the street, can end up being more stressful and costly than a larger move across the state or to another part of the country. The reason why there are so many pitfalls with local moves, is that people don’t take the time to pack, plan and organize like they would with a larger scale relocation. So unfortunately, they end up missing important pieces of the puzzle and get stuck with a lot of last-minute work and stress.

Make a List – Check It Twice
Even if you aren’t a “list person,” it is important to sit down and make a list regarding your move. On it you should include all of the things that you need to do before the move, on your moving day, and after the move is complete. When making a local move with Massachusetts residential movers, make sure to include information about when the packing needs to be completed, if you are doing it yourself, or when the packers will arrive, if you are having someone do it for you. Moving companies in Seekonk, Massachusetts can provide a variety of services to help people who are too busy, unsure of how to pack up an entire household, or have disabilities that might prevent them from doing it themselves. There are lots of reasons why people use residential moving and storage companies for local moves.

Create a Moving Cheat Sheet
One way to make sure that everything gets moved the way you want it moved is to create a “cheat sheet” map of your new residence and create a name for each room: living room, kitchen, master bedroom, guest bathroom, home office, etc. As you pack boxes, make sure to mark down the room that you want those items to go into and write it clearly on the box. Some moving experts suggest writing the room on all four sides of the box and on the top of the carton. Make sure to write “FRAGILE” if the items inside are delicate or breakable in any way. Having a cheat sheet map of your home can help save time and make it easier to pack, unload and unpack your things.

BONUS TIP – Create paper signs to label the doors of each room in your new house so your movers will know which room is considered “Kid’s Room #1” or “Guest Bathroom” so they won’t put the boxes in the wrong room.

Start Organizing Early
If you are a known procrastinator, make sure to start organizing for your move as early as possible. Just get yourself moving forward. You can start by packing up things that you know you won’t be using between now and the actual move, such as holiday decorations, winter gear in summer or summer gear in winter, etc. You can also begin planning local moves in Seekonk, MA by going through closets. Start creating a bin of things to donate or sell, toss out things you don’t want to keep, and pack anything you won’t need to use prior to the move. Other things can be put back neatly, hung up and stored so they can be quickly packed for the relocation.

Kitchen Packing Tips
Take small things like spices, kitchen tools and measuring spoons, and pack them inside of large pots and pans, crock pots, bowl sets – anywhere you can find room. Look at your kitchen right now and start thinking about how you can maximize your space and find new ways to pack things for the move. Even if you are going to have the Massachusetts residential movers come in and pack up your home, you can still do small things like this that will help you find everything even faster when you get to your new place. Protect dishes and other breakable kitchen items by wrapping them in bubble wrap or cushioning them between dish towels. Use small boxes for important items that are breakable, such as your grandmother’s tea set or salt and pepper shakers.

Hire Reputable Movers
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