Mobile Storage Company in Massachusetts

Mobile Storage Container Company in MassachusettsMobile Storage Company in Massachusetts

The latest revolutionary idea in residential storage in Rhode Island and all throughout the Southern New England area is mobile storage. You can get mobile storage solutions from your local Rhode Island movers at Conlon Moving & Storage, who operate a mobile storage company in MA. Delivered to your home and placed in your driveway, in front of your home or on any other level piece of concrete, asphalt or compacted dirt, you can load up the mobile storage in RI on your terms and according to your schedule, then have it placed in warehouse storage for long-term storage or just keep it where it sits.

Why Use Mobile Storage?
There are many reasons to use mobile storage solutions. For homeowners, it’s a great way to clear things out of the house while painting, putting in new flooring, remodeling or any other type of renovation work. Whether DIY or using a contractor, portable residential storage in Rhode Island can come to the rescue. Mobile storage is also a great way to clear out the clutter and extra furniture when you are trying to sell your home. Less furniture makes the rooms appear larger and less clutter makes your home look less lived-in, allowing prospective buyers to picture themselves living in that space with their own furniture.

Our mobile storage company in Massachusetts also provides mobile storage in Rhode Island for homeowners who are moving. You can load up the container storage at your leisure as you pack your home up one room at a time and then, on moving day, we will transport the container to your new home so you can unpack it again in the same manner. This gives homeowners time to go through their stuff, get rid of things they don’t want and organize their belongings before moving into a new home. Mobile storage really is a game changer when it comes to the way people use residential storage in Rhode Island.

What is Portable Storage?
If you are not familiar with the idea of mobile or portable storage and you haven’t seen any around town in or anywhere in the surrounding area, you might just not know what you are looking for. Mobile storage in RI can consist of large container storage, such as the units you often see next to or behind businesses. In commercial industry, they are used to store excess office supplies, inventory, seasonal displays and decorations, old files, extra furniture and other items to make room inside the building for conducting business. For homeowners, the containers are delivered to your home so you can pack them up with your things either as a temporary storage solution or for relocating to another home.

Portable storage containers come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and types. Some are as large as the trailers you see on the back of semi trucks, while others are smaller and intended to hold just a couple rooms of furniture at a time. Make sure to speak with the representative at your Rhode Island movers about helping you choose the best size for your storage. For residential storage in Rhode Island, make sure to ask about household size or apartment size units. Also, make sure to discuss how long you will want your things in storage and whether you want the container stored in the warehouse at our mobile storage company in MA or if you want it kept on-site.

Packing Tips for Portable Storage
Go ahead and pack your things just as you would for any other type of storage or moving situation. Use quality packing supplies and materials, label your boxes by the room they will go into, and add details about the objects that are stored inside. Try not to pack any boxes that weigh over 50 pounds. Most boxes will have a weight limit printed on the side, but keeping your boxes to 50 pounds or less will be easier on you as you move them throughout the house and load them into the mobile storage in RI. It will also make it easier to unload at your new place.

Stack heavy boxes on the bottom inside of the portable residential storage in Rhode Island and lighter boxes on top. Mark any boxes that contain fragile or valuable items so you will remember to be extra careful with them. Consider keeping high value or sensitive items with you in your personal vehicle on moving day instead of in the container storage or with your Rhode Island movers. Use bubble wrap, packing paper, quality packing tape and anything else that will help you protect your items. Ask your mobile storage company in MA if they have any specialty boxes or custom crating options for things like flat panel TVs, large pieces of fragile artwork, or other breakable items.

Contact Conlon Moving & Storage for all of your needs regarding mobile storage in RI, MA or CT. We can provide you with an accurate estimate for use of our residential storage in Rhode Island or the surrounding area through our mobile storage company in MA. Call today at 508-336-7766 to learn more about our portable container storage options or to find out about all of the size options available through our moving and storage company.