Mistakes to Avoid on International Moves From RI, CT and MA

international-movingOne of the most challenging moves to make as an individual, family or corporate group is an international move. There are so many new things to have to learn about and consider, such as overseas transit protection, understanding the new laws and customs in the foreign country and figuring out what you can and cannot bring into the country. Wouldn’t it be nice if you just had a fairy godmother who could figure it all out for you?

Conlon Moving & Storage provides full service international moves from RI, CT and MA, as well as residential storage in Massachusetts and anything else you might need to facilitate your move. In addition to doing local moves within the South Coast region, we are also an interstate moving company and an international moving company. The services we provide can help you have a smoother transition between life in the States and just about anywhere else around the globe.

Creating a Strategic Moving Plan
While it might seem like Canada, Mexico or even the UK are just a hop, skip and a jump from where you are living now, they are actually much further away. While the people who live there might seem to have a lot of things in common with Americans, there are actually many differences that must be considered before just packing up your home and moving everything you own to another country. Many of the freedoms, rights and laws that we enjoy here are not duplicated in other nations, even countries that are connected to us on the same continent.

Conlon Moving & Storage Company works with United Van Lines and has experience working with international moves all over the world. We can help you dot all the i’s and cross all the t’s, making sure that your paperwork is in order and that you have all of the overseas transit protection you need to protect your belongings. While it might just be a convenient plane ride for you and your family, chances are it will be a completely different story for your stuff.

Common Mistakes to Avoid
The good news is that lots of people have moved from the United States to other countries before you so you can learn by their example – and from their mistakes. Below is a list of mistakes that are commonly made by Americans who make international moves from RI, CT and MA. Take advantage of opportunities, such as residential storage in Massachusetts for items that you cannot bring, won’t be able to use and could potentially get in trouble for owning outside of the United States. Take advantage of our interstate moving company services to move part of your household to one location, while we use our international moving services to move you and your family out of the country.

Some of the top international moving mistakes include:

  • NOT HIRING a PRO – A professional moving company can help you with the proper packing, stacking and shipping of your belongings overseas. Small shipments will go by air, so you’ll need to know how to properly pack for air travel. Larger shipments will go by large metal shipping container across the ocean. Your container will be lifted by a crane and there could be some shifting during moving and while out on the ocean. A professional company can help you pack and stack, while providing you with the overseas transit protection you need to safeguard your belongings.
  • NOT BEING ORGANIZED – Make sure you have a list of all the things you need to pack, all the things that need to go into a residential storage in Massachusetts and that you work directly with the international and interstate moving company to ensure that all of your paperwork is organized, in order and ready for your big move.
  • NOT BEING on TIME – It is important to understand that an international flight and shipping container will not wait for anyone. Make sure that you leave early enough to get to the airport for your flight and that your things are packed and ready for your international moves from RI, CT and MA in advance so they can be shipped on schedule. Your moving company should be able to provide you with a complete itinerary to help you facilitate your move and know when you need to arrive for the move.
  • NOT TAKING TIME to LEARN the LAW – Before you move to another country you should take some time to learn the law of the land. Don’t be an ignorant representative of your country by just moving to another place and assuming that you can live your life there the way you lived it here. There are different rules, regulations, customs, cultural assumptions about dress, behavior and little things that you might not even consider.

Call Conlon Moving & Storage for Your International Move
The moment that you discover that you will be making international moves from RI, CT and MA, contact Conlon Moving and Storage. We are an experienced, professional and comprehensive full service local moving company, interstate moving company and international moving company. We can help you with everything you require, from residential storage in Massachusetts to shipping arrangements, paperwork – even overseas transit protection. Give us a call at 508-336-7766 to learn more about our services or to schedule a FREE estimate and consultation.