Medical Office Moving Logistics: Relocation in Fall River, MA

Medical Moving LogisticsOne of the most challenging types of commercial moves is the medical office or clinic. All of the high value, sensitive equipment that is found in the average medical office can be difficult for some Fall River moving services to handle. It is important to hire professional relocation services that specialize in moving logistics for medical practices and other moves that require special handling of odd-sized, over-sized and expensive equipment.

When planning a move for a medical office, it pays to have a strategy. Work with your moving company to utilize all of the tools available, such as commercial storage in Massachusetts, to help make the transition simple and stress-free. Moving things ahead of time, such as excess furniture, office supplies, medical supplies and other things that you won’t need until you reach the new location, can reduce the amount of things that need to be moved on moving day, reducing the amount of downtime required to get everything shifted over to the new place.

Choosing the Best Fall River Moving Services
Selecting the best team for your professional relocation services can be difficult. The best way to do it is to get a referral from another doctor’s office or clinic that you know moved recently. Another way is to do a little bit of research. Conlon Moving & Storage specializes in moving logistics for medical practices, clinics, hospitals and medical labs, allowing us to provide you with all of the custom crating, loading skills and care that you require to protect your equipment. Don’t be afraid to ask for references or ask to meet your moving coordinator on-site at your location to get an accurate estimate for services.

Ask about commercial storage in Massachusetts and how it can be used to your advantage in conjunction with other Fall River moving services. The goal is to effectively and efficiently move everything from your current location to the new one without experiencing downtime delays, issues with getting the equipment out of one building and into another, or any other types of frustration. Moving companies that don’t have experience working with over-size, high value or sensitive equipment, likely won’t be able to guarantee the success of your move. As an official agent of United Van Lines, Conlon has all of the equipment, training and experience needed to handle your move.

Other Important Strategies
In addition to choosing the best provider for professional relocation services and commercial storage in Massachusetts, you will want to make sure that you take time to plan other essential strategies. Once you schedule Fall River moving services and make plans for moving logistics with Conlon Moving & Storage, you can start making other essential plans for your office.

  • Notify Patients – Once you know where and when you are moving, you can start letting your patients know about the move. The law requires you to notify patients where they can find your new practice and where their patient charts will be located. You can put a sign up at your current office approximately 30-days ahead of time, but you are also required to make a public notice via a direct mail letter to patients, via a newspaper announcement, or by making a phone call. Check to make sure there aren’t any additional requirements or laws imposed by your state with regard to notifying your patients. You do not want to be out of compliance simply because you didn’t effectively notify your patients of your move.
  • Contact Payers – As soon as you have a new address it is important to notify your payers. If you do not notify your payers that you are using professional relocation services to move to another city or a different address across town, you could end up seeing your cash flow come to a complete stop. Do not miss this step and try to do it as soon as you schedule your Fall River moving services to begin planning the moving logistics of your relocation.
  • Increase Business – Did you know that a relocation can be used to drum up new business? You can use your move as a marketing tool to attract new patients. Start by contacting past patients that you haven’t seen in awhile. Let them know where you are moving, when you are moving, and include a map of the new location. You can also advertise in the local newspaper, on television, or anywhere that you think you might reach a new audience. If your new location is more convenient or close to a popular business or landmark, make sure to include that in your promotions.
  • Credentialing – Check to see if you will need to get your team credentialed with a new hospital due to your move. Make sure to get the credentialing process started right away. It can take six to eight weeks or longer, depending on the current case load, for credentialing to be completed. Start as soon as you can to avoid being denied hospital privileges when you move to your new medical office or clinic location.

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