International Moves from Cape Cod: 7 Things to Get You Ready

International Moves Overseas from MassachusettsInternational Moves Overseas from Massachusetts

Moving to another state can be a lot of hard work, but moving your entire household to a brand new country can be overwhelming. One way to overcome all of the stress that is typically associated with making international moves from RI, CT and MA is to work with a professional moving company that can provide you with all the tools, services and residential storage in Massachusetts that you need to make it all happen. From overseas transit protection to international move management, Conlon Moving & Storage has the connections to get your things moved to over 200 countries all around the globe.

#1 – Be Financially Prepared
It can cost a lot more to move overseas than you might imagine. One way to save on moving costs is to store the bulk of your belongings in a residential storage in Massachusetts. When you do that, you avoid a lot of the need for international move management, logistics and the cost of overseas transit protection for your most valuable items. The basic difference between outlet plugs in North American appliances and European appliances aside, many countries won’t allow certain items to be shipped for various reasons. Working with a professional moving team like Conlon Moving & Storage can help you learn how much money you will need and what alternative plans you will need to make for some of your belongings when you make international moves from RI, CT, and MA.

#2 – Relocation Paperwork
One of the things that you may be unprepared for is the volume of paperwork and red tape that can be involved in an international move. Services available for international move management with Conlon Moving & Storage, which is an agent of United Van Lines and UniGroup Worldwide UTS, can really help you to cut through all of the paperwork and make sense of it. Things like overseas transit protection, visas, passport forms, lots of legal documents, global money transfers, tax information, health clearances and vaccinations for every member of your family, and special paperwork for any pets can be staggering. International moves from RI, CT, and MA become easier when you work with a team of professionals who have over 70 years of experience facilitating relocations overseas.

#3 – Shipping and Storage
The first point discussed the idea that there will very likely be some things that you own that you won’t be able to bring with you. Here, we consider the idea of not bringing any of your personal or valuable items with you overseas and instead choose to place them in residential storage in Massachusetts. Conlon Moving & Storage has secure warehouse storage available that can be used as part of your international move management logistics. If the move is temporary or for a set amount of time and you expect to come back to New England or somewhere else in the United States, storage might be the best option for you.

#4 – Insurance Policies
We have lightly touched on the idea of overseas transit protection, but you should speak with both the team that is helping you with international moves from RI, CT, and MA, as well as with your own personal insurance provider to make sure that you have the right type of coverage. You will need to protect your things in residential storage in Massachusetts and the things that you decide to move with you to another country. Find out what your options are for continuing your current policies or expanding them to provide the coverage that you need.

#5 – Health and Medical
Vaccinations are required any time you travel to a foreign country. Check to find out what vaccinations you and your family will need before moving overseas. Part of international move management is advising you of the things that you will be required to have for your move, such as a health clearance for every member of your family. Records from your physician and pediatrician for children will be required. Even if you have already gotten all of your vaccinations, you might need to get them done all over again or have boosters of each type. You also need to find out if your health insurance policy will cover you when you move to another country. Make sure you have enough prescription refills, eyeglasses, contact lenses and other medical necessities to last you until you get settled in with a physician overseas.

#6 – Schedule a Meeting With the Movers
Contact Conlon Moving & Storage to set up an appointment at your home to go over all of the things that you want to bring with you as part of international moves from RI, CT, and MA, as well as all of the things that you want to keep stateside in residential storage in Massachusetts. You can go over packing details, crating information and use this time to ask specific questions about your move. This is all part of international move management.

#7 – Execute the Move
Once you have a date firmed up and have everything schedule with your moving company, the only thing left to do is to make it all happen. Whether you decide to pack everything yourself or have the moving company do it for you, now is the time to make sure that everything comes together for your international move.

Contact Conlon Moving & Storage
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