International Move Management: Planning to Move Overseas

article-international-moveDo you need to make a move to a different country for your job or family? It may seem overwhelming to think about moving house all the way across the ocean to a brand new country where the culture, language and customs are completely different from what you know here in the United States. If you are looking to make household moves in Rhode Island, Southeastern Massachusetts or Connecticut overseas to another country, Conlon Moving & Storage can help.

With over 125 years of knowledge and experience working with various types of moving logistics right here in the New England area, from coast-to-coast and internationally, our team is highly trained and skilled at international move management. We can set you up with all of the tools and services you will need to have a successful move, including overseas transit protection, information about the regulations on shipping for the country you are moving to and much more.

Getting Started: Making Plans
Many of the things that you must do to make plans for an international move will seem very familiar if you have ever made a complete household move domestically. Start by working directly with your moving company. Make sure that they will do household moves in Rhode Island, Southeastern Massachusetts or Connecticut, depending upon your place of origin. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and see about getting an estimate for your move.

Conlon Moving & Storage will come out to your home and do a visual survey of your belongings to determine what needs to be done. Our international move management specialists can provide you with a written estimate. They can also help you with all of the required paperwork and advise you of any regulations regarding your belongings that could prohibit the shipment of them to your destination country.

Make sure to ask about the moving logistics involved in your international move. Overseas transit protection, door-to-door service which will bring your belongings to your new residence via a third-party service or affiliated carrier, as well as any other concerns that you might have. Some services will only ship your items to the country destination and won’t go that extra mile to get your belongings to your new address. Make sure to work with a professional moving company that will go all the way for you to facilitate your move.

How to Hire a Good International Mover
There are certain things that you should look for when you go to hire a moving company to help you with international move management. There are many companies that do household moves in Rhode Island, Southeastern Massachusetts and Connecticut that have international divisions or that claim to be a global company, however there are specific qualities and experience that you will want in a moving company in order to assure the success of your international move. Here are some of the things you should look for:

  • at least 10 years of experience doing overseas moves
  • been in business for at least 20 years in your local area
  • experience in a variety of moving logistics for residential, corporate and industry
  • a variety of shipping container options to ensure the safe transport and delivery of your belongings to the destination country
  • options for overseas transit protection
  • origin and destination storage options for if you are unable to accept possession of your belongings right away when they arrive in country
  • full service packing, loading, shipping, delivery and unloading services, according to your needs and requirements

What Your Estimate Includes
When planning a move to a different country, it is important to know that your written estimate will include many aspects of international move management, but there could be extra costs that might not be listed. Go over possible charges and extra fees with your moving logistics company to make sure you know what to expect when you arrive at your destination so you won’t be caught off guard by extra charges and fees from sources outside of the moving company.

Most estimates will cover the cost of your shipment of goods to an overseas destination based upon weight and volume, as well as the distance to the country itself. The estimate should also include any air or sea-based transportation charges, packing and unpacking at origin and destination. You should also make sure that your overseas transit protection is included for your household move.

Extra charges that may not be able to be listed due to uncertainties in the destination country or other circumstances can include storage fees that were not part of the original plan, custom duty, additional liability coverage, extra pickup and delivery fees, servicing of appliances and other specific charges that would be unique to your situation. Find out as much about these potential charges as you can ahead of time to avoid “sticker shock” when your goods arrive at your destination.

Start Planning Your Overseas Move Today!
If you are ready to start planning your move outside of the United States today, give Conlon Moving & Storage a call. We provide local, interstate and international household moves in Rhode Island, Southeastern Massachusetts and Connecticut. We also have over 50,000 square feet of storage space in the local area, which can be used for storage prior to your overseas move. To find out more about our services, learn about overseas transit protection and to speak with one of our international moving logistics experts, give us a call at 508-336-7766.