How to Save Time & Money on Household Moves in Rhode Island

rhode-island-household-moveMoving is a fact of life. However, what is not set in stone is how much time, money and stress will be spent on making a major household move. Residential moving and storage is a big business. There are Rhode Island residential movers and services available that can help you with everything from packing, loading, transportation, unloading and unpacking your things at your new destination. Whether you are making a move within the local area or moving across the country, it is important to work with an organization that you can trust to get the job done right and at a price that you can afford.

Choose a Good Moving Service
Even if you just want to hire a company to move your things after you have packed them up yourself, it is important to hire a trusted moving service that can handle large household moves in Rhode Island or the surrounding New England area. Reputation is important. Having the capability to move your things is important. An understanding of specialty items, such as pianos or organs, is also a key point in choosing a quality moving service. Anything extra that you might need, such as mobile storage in RI or packing and unpacking services, should also be available through that trusted source.

Get Everyone on Board
Moving a household means having everyone in the house working together toward the same goal. Even if the moving company will be handling the packing, there is still much to do and a lot to get ready before moving day. Once a move has been announced, there are often lots of worries, concerns and stress related to making sure that everything gets taken care of on time. You can reduce the amount of stress and chaos within the home by giving everyone a job to do. Make sure everyone knows what needs to be done and when it needs to be completed.

BONUS TIP – Even small children will appreciate being included. You can give them a box to pack their special things – favorite toys or items that they will want to open on the first day at the new house. Mark the box with the child’s name and move it in your personal vehicle. This will also help them settle better at the new place because they will have familiar items immediately available. Include some snacks, a favorite pillow and blanket, toiletry items and anything else they might need to feel at home.

Keep, Store, Toss and Donate
When it comes to organizing your home or organizing your belongings for a move, there’s no better method than the keep, store, toss and donate challenge. Go through a closet, a room or an area a bit at a time with 4 boxes, bags or bins that are clearly marked. This will help you to reduce the amount of clutter in your home – which is great if you are trying to show and sell it – and it will reduce the amount of things that you will need to have the Rhode Island residential movers pack and move for you.

  • The keep pile will be things that are kept to be packed and taken along for the move.
  • The store pile will be things that are wanted, but not used all the time, that can be placed into mobile storage in RI or stored away in another area of the home.
  • The toss pile is basically a garbage – things that cannot be saved, are not wanted and are no longer useful in any way.
  • The donate pile is optional, depending on the time that you have to donate items to a local church or charity – these should be things that are still good and useful (not trash) that someone else might get use out of through the charity sale.

Schedule the Movers in Advance
Things to remember about scheduling household moves in Rhode Island include remembering that there are lots of other people who are likely wanting to move at the same time. Contact the movers and schedule your residential moving and storage services well in advance of your desired moving day – 30 days or more in advance whenever possible. You may need more advanced warning if you want to move on the weekend or a three-day weekend. Holidays, school vacations and the first of the month, when most rental contracts begin and end, are also busy times throughout the year.

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