Helpful Packing Tips for Residential Moves in MA, RI or CT

residential-packing-tipsWhen you work with a professional moving company you have the option to pack your things yourself or hire the residential moving company to take care of the packing for you. This can be beneficial, especially if you are doing a whole house move to another state with an interstate moving company. This type of move – especially if you have lived at one location for many years – can be overwhelming. People tend to accumulate a lot more things than they realize over the course of a few years.

However, if you want to hire moving companies in Rhode Island, Massachusetts movers or Connecticut residential movers to just take care of the heavy lifting, we’ve got some great packing tips for you. You can even apply many of these tips to a pre-move cleaning or do some of these tasks to prepare your home for packing even if you have the moving company do it for you. Once you have the inside scoop, it will be much easier to get everything packed up and ready to go to your new home.

Step One: Be Prepared
Make sure to shop for packing supplies, boxes and other moving items ahead of time so you will be ready to start packing without having to stop to shop for more in the middle of your move. Some packing supplies are very basic and every person that is moving should have them on hand. However, there are some other more specialized packing supplies that you might not need, as every move will not require them. Of course everyone will need boxes in various sizes and amounts based upon your own individual needs. Special boxes for flat panel televisions and electronics can be purchased through office supply stores.

Some of the basic supplies include packing paper, bubble wrap, packing peanuts or tissue paper for wrapping fragile items and creating a cushioning layer between contents. Packing tape should definitely be used to secure the bottoms of moving boxes and close up the tops securely. Make sure to get the professional style brown packing tape – not masking tape. You can get it from your local packing supply store or maybe even from your residential moving company. A permanent marker will also be required for marking boxes so you will know what is inside and what room the box should be placed in when moving into your new place.

Step Two: Sort Before You Pack
Anoter great tip that you will likely get from your Massachusetts movers is to sort through your things before you pack them. Make a couple of piles or use boxes and trash bags to keep everything separate. One pile should be the things that you want to pack away for the move. Another pile should be the things that you want to throw away, things that are broken or that you don’t need anymore. This is especially important if you are downsizing.

The third pile should be things that you want to put into storage. Ask your Connecticut residential movers about any storage opportunities that they might have for either temporary or long-term storage. The fourth pile should contain things that you want to donate. This can be items that are still in good condition that you don’t need anymore, but that could be donated to a local charity, shelter or church to be used by someone else.

Step Three: Keep It Simple
Make sure to label each and every box. This is not just to make it easier for moving companies in Rhode Island, but also for you to be able to track down something you need during the move and to make unpacking easier once you reach your destination. Make sure that none of your boxes gets packed over 50 pounds in weight. Lighter boxes are easier and safer to move. Any boxes that are approaching the 50 pound mark should be stacked on the bottom inside your home prior to the move and in the moving truck by the interstate moving company.

Make sure all of your boxes are packed up to the top and that nothing rattles around. If there is any empty space, make sure to fill it with the crushed up packing paper, bubble wrap or packing peanuts. Go easy as you start packing your home for the residential moving company to move. Pack one or two boxes each day about a month in advance of your move so you don’t feel rushed on moving day. Follow the federal law regarding the things that can be packed and moved. Never pack open food items, chemicals or toiletries. If you need to move these items do so in your personal vehicle.

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