Efficient Moves for Small Business Relocation in MA, CT and RI

efficient-commercial-movesPlanning ahead will help you to streamline your small business move, whether you are in Southeastern Massachusetts, Connecticut or Rhode Island. It also pays to work with a licensed and experienced commercial moving company, that can help you with any specialty or sensitive items that need to be moved from your current location to your new location. Computers, technological equipment, medical equipment and all types of furniture can require some special handling. While there are a lot of moving companies in Seekonk, Massachusetts and the surrounding area, there are none that have the experience and longevity of Conlon Moving & Storage.

With over 125 years of serving the people of Southern New England for commercial and residential moving and storage, our team is made up of some of the best trained movers for business relocation in MA, CT and RI. Proper planning, packing and unpacking will all help you to save time and money. Safeguarding your expensive and critical support equipment will help you to be more efficient and effective whether you own a small business, mid-size business or even a large business. From filing cabinets to large office printers, waiting room furniture to high tech medical equipment, Conlon Moving & Storage can help get the job done right by meeting or exceeding your expectations.

How to Have a Better Move
When it comes time to hire a team of Massachusetts movers to relocate your business, make sure to get an on-site estimate from a qualified service provider, not an online quote. The quotes that you get online will be nothing more than “guesstimates,” because unless the commercial moving company is able to visit your location, see the things that you need to move and review the space that you are moving from and moving to, there is no way that they can give you an accurate quote.

Conlon Moving & Storage will come out to your location and speak with you directly about your move. We will find out what your goals are, what concerns that you might have and we will go over our plan of action with you well in advance of moving day. Coming to your business helps us to properly assess the situation, consider any large items or items that are difficult to move, go over any requirements that might be necessary for a smooth and uneventful move, and ensure that there aren’t any surprises on moving day – either for our movers or for you on your bill.

Ask for Advice – and Take It
When you hire professional Massachusetts movers to take care of your commercial move, it is important to ask for advice on the best way to move your valuable and sensitive equipment, but it is also a good idea to ask about methods, packing schedules and other insider information that can help your move run as smoothly as possible. A commercial moving company has many years of experience working with business relocation in MA, CT and RI that can be used for your benefit. Things like restrictions on moving times within office or commercial complexes, rules about using elevators or stairs for moving, as well as local regulations for what can be moved by professional movers and what needs to be moved by you and your staff.

Once you get the advice that you seek, make sure to actually take it. So many business owners and managers get great advice from their moving companies in Seekonk, Massachusetts or the surrounding area, only to ignore the experienced advice and still do things their own way. Unfortunately, that’s how accidents, damage and problems happen and it completely defeats the purpose of hiring professional Massachusetts movers in the first place. While the advice may seem simple, such as emptying the drawers in the filing cabinet to prevent damage from happening to the cabinet or specific packing instructions for computers and other peripherals, it is definitely provided for a reason.

Call Conlon Moving & Storage
If you are considering making a move somewhere in the extended South Coast area and are relocating anywhere in New England, the United States or around the globe, Conlon Moving & Storage can help. Our logistics department has many years of experience facilitating small to large size business moves and can help you with your business relocation in MA, CT or RI. Give us a call at 508-336-7766 to inquire about any of our professional services or to request a custom quote for your next move. Our team can help you to have an efficient and stress-free local, interstate or international move.