Downsizing Your Business: Commercial Moving & Storage in MA

Commercial Moving and DownsizingOne of the smartest things that a business can do in the current economy, is be able to identify when it is time to downsize in order to reduce overhead expenses and continue to grow the business. Sometimes taking a small step back by moving into a smaller office builder or finding space with a lower monthly rent, can really make a big difference toward the success of a company. Business relocation in MA, CT and RI doesn’t have to be a huge stressful event if you can hire a reputable commercial moving company to take care of the details for you. Professional relocation services are more affordable than you might guess, so it pays to at least get a FREE custom estimate so you will know how much it will cost to move your business across town or to another area entirely.

Commercial Storage Options for Downsizing
Another way to downsize is to reduce the amount of space needed at your physical location. In addition to working with commercial moving, you will also want to look into commercial storage in Massachusetts. This can be a great way to store some of your retail stock, excess office furniture that you won’t be using at the new location, or to provide a means for records retention storage at an off-site facility. All of these ideas can be used to help reduce overhead costs, provide you with more space for conducting business and help you with your business relocation in MA, CT or RI. Make sure to contact a moving company like Conlon Moving & Storage that has the experience, equipment and options available that you need to facilitate a successful commercial move.

Advance Planning – Saves Time & Money
The further you start planning your use of professional relocation services, the better. Not only will you get your pick of dates and not have to compromise due to a busy schedule, but you can also get better rates and opportunities. For businesses that deal directly with customers at their office, it is recommended that you start planning about four to six months in advance. This will give you a chance to notify customers about your new location, provide them with a map, invite them to a Grand Opening celebration, and get all of your ducks in a row. If you do not deal with customers, but meet clients or vendors regularly at your office, it is recommended that you plan at least three to four months in advance, in order to have time to notify everyone of the change.

Giving an advance notice is also recommended for employees, especially if you will be moving a great deal of distance away from your current location. Your move might hinder the ability of some employees to get to your new office due to the new commute. Make sure to sit down and talk with any employees that are having issues with the move to find out if there is any way to assist them in getting to the new location so you won’t lose valuable staff members.

Full Service Moving?
You will also want to decide whether or not you want the commercial moving company that you hire to perform full service moving, which includes the packing, loading, transportation, unloading and unpacking of your things. Some offices, depending on the type of work that they do, prefer to have staff members pack up their own offices or cubicles, as well as to have warehouse staff take care of moving the stock items to the new location. Go over your plans, requirements and requests with the professional relocation services coordinator, taking note of any records retention storage or other types of commercial storage in Massachusetts that you might want to include. If you want to pack your things on your own terms, also ask about packing supplies that can be purchased through the company to help save you time and protect your things during the move. Make sure to carefully label each and every box for easier unloading and unpacking at the new location.

IT Department Strategies
If you have an Information Technology (IT) department at your place of business, you will want to work closely with them to ensure that your business relocation in MA, CT or RI goes smoothly. If you don’t already have a back-up and restore program in place, make sure that you get one. If your IT department will be handling the packing and moving of sensitive equipment, make sure that your commercial moving company knows. If you require moving logistics assistance from the moving company, have your IT department work directly with the movers to ensure that nothing is overlooked or forgotten. Ensure that client data and files are properly protected to prevent any financial or legal issues and losses. Don’t overlook the importance of taking care when it comes to your company’s computer system and network.

Contact Conlon Moving & Storage
If you are downsizing, upgrading or doing a business relocation in MA, CT or RI for any other reason, contact the commercial moving company experts at Conlon Moving & Storage. We have been providing professional relocation services and commercial storage in Massachusetts for many years, specializing in commercial moves, specialty moves, records retention storage and sensitive equipment for many of our top corporate clients. Give us a call at 508-336-7766 to get a FREE estimate on all of your moving and storage needs. As an agent of United Van Lines, Conlon Moving & Storage can help facilitate your commercial move right here in New England or anywhere around the globe.