Company Records Retention: Attleboro Mobile Storage Solutions

Records Retention Storage in MassachusettsThere are a couple of different ways that companies use records retention storage for important documents and records used in their business. There are many different types of records that can be stored, either in a commercial storage in Massachusetts or by using mobile storage solutions. Not all documents are considered to be “records”. Strictly speaking, a record is a document that is retained as “evidence of an action.” Formal management may or may not be required as part of your overall records retention management program, depending on the regulations of your industry and the type of information that you are retaining.

Some companies prefer to use electronic records retention, however there are still quite a few industries that rely heavily on physical paper documentation and records. You can hire our team of Attleboro professional movers to come in, pack up your files, and store them at our commercial warehouse in Seekonk. You can also use our mobile storage in MA to safeguard documents that you no longer have room for inside your offices. Many companies use mobile commercial storage to keep documents that do not have regulations for records retention storage placed on them.

Safeguarding Your Records
In most cases, access controls are employed to ensure that only employees who are authorized to access records, whether they are kept electronically or inside of commercial storage in Massachusetts, are able to access them. This can include records such as personnel files, loan agreements, patient files, client records and a variety of financial documentation. Some of these files will contain data that could be stolen for identity theft, including social security numbers, drivers license numbers, home addresses, banking information, credit card payment information, date of birth, and other essential information.

It is important to know the legal requirements regarding the records that you are keeping so you will know whether you can keep them in a mobile storage in MA or if you need to have a more secure option for records retention storage. Even digitally kept information may require specific safeguarding to protect the personal information for employees, customers, clients and other individuals who are named or included in the documents. File maintenance of these records may be carried out by a number of employees who are authorized to do so, including the owner of the company, a records clerk, a records repository or another designee. It is important to maintain the chain of command and only allow authorized persons to view or handle the stored records.

Different Types of Records
The type of records that you want to store with your local Attleboro professional movers will also depend on how it must be stored. Legal records retention storage regulations dictate these requirements based upon the type of records that you are retaining in your records retention storage solutions. Active records and inactive records will likely be stored very differently.

  • Active Records – This type of record will usually need to be accessed regularly to perform specific operations. What this typically means is that these active files will most likely be kept in the office where authorized individuals can gain access to them. Records for employees that are used for payroll purposes, documents for clients or customers that are used for sales or services – there are many reasons why the records would need to be kept handy for frequent use.
  • Inactive Records – These records are no longer needed on a regular basis to conduct current business practices. However, they are kept through the end of the pre-determined retention period inside of records retention storage, just in case they are needed for reference. Inactive records may be retrieved and used for legal, business, fiscal or historical information throughout the term of their retention period. Once that time period ends, the documents must be disposed of according to legal requirements in order to protect any sensitive data that might be contained inside.

Records Retention Storage: Attleboro Professional Movers
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