10 Things a MA Residential Moving Company Can’t Pack & Move

MA Residential Moving Company Can't Pack & MoveWhen you contact moving companies in New Bedford, MA to help you with a residential move, it is important to understand that there are some things that they are prohibited from packing, moving and storing. Federal law bans moving companies from handling certain items that are considered dangerous or hazardous. This means they cannot be packed, moved or stored in the United States. Beyond that, there may also be local laws prohibiting other materials and belongings based upon state, county or city regulations.

This is why it is important to work with a professional residential moving company that is experienced in your specific area. Conlon Moving & Storage is a team of Massachusetts movers, that provides a wide variety of services in the New England area. We are a packing, moving and mobile storage company in MA, RI, and CT. However, we are also an agent of United Van Lines, so we have the ability to help you with commercial, cross country and international moves as well.

Propane & Gasoline Tanks – This might seem like a “no-brainer”, but what about the propane thank that goes with your backyard barbecue grill. According to federal law, your residential moving company is not allowed to move ANY propane tanks and that includes the one that goes with your grill. You will need to transport that yourself by car or purchase a new one at your destination. The same goes with gas tanks and containers, including the ones that you use for your lawn mower and weed trimmer.

Ammunition – If you have a really nice gun collection or just a couple of pieces, you might already be aware of the fact that federal law prohibits moving companies in New Bedford, MA and all across the country from moving your ammunition. Make other plans to transport your ammunition, as well as your guns and rifles. It is better to keep these things in your possession and under your control even if the Massachusetts movers were legally allowed to move them. If you have any questions about antique pieces or anything unusual that might not be obviously included under this requirement, speak with a moving consultant at your residential moving company before your move.

Car Batteries & Other Batteries – If you have extra car batteries, golf cart batteries, ATV batteries or other similarly sized batteries, you will need to move these yourself. If you are storing a car, golf cart, ATV or other vehicles with a mobile storage company in MA, chances are you won’t be able to store the battery with the vehicle either for the same safety reasons. In fact, even packs of household batteries cannot be packed, moved and stored by a residential moving company in the United States, so be prepared to bring those with you in your personal vehicle.

Nail Polish & Polish Remover – The chemicals that are used in nail polish and polish remover are quite strong and are very flammable when wet. It is important to make sure that you pack your polish and other similar chemicals separately and transport them yourself. Consider getting a separate case for your polish, remover and other chemical-based beauty supplies ahead of time so you will be prepared and ready for moving day.

Liquid Bleach & Household Cleaners – Another item that many people are often surprised about initially, but understand after they think about it a bit, is household cleaner. Liquid bleach, laundry soap, dish soap, spray cans, ammonia and other popular cleaners cannot be transported by a residential moving company in the United States. Speak with your mobile storage company in MA about any additional restrictions they might have for storing goods that could be considered flammable or hazardous. If you are moving overseas, it is best to properly dispose of these items rather than try to take them with you and risk losing even more things when you arrive.

Household Plants – Out of all the common household items that cannot be moved by moving companies in New Bedford, MA, and residential moving company services across the country, household plants are the most complicated. The thing is, you might not be able to move household plants out of your local area even in your own car either. Some states have very strict laws about moving plants because of bugs and other problems that can be associated with living things. If you are allowed to move your plants at all, it will need to be in your own personal vehicle.

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