Specialty Moving Services: Business Relocations

Specialty Moving Services for BusinessSpecialty Moving Services: Business Relocations

Depending on the type of business that you run, you might require specialty moving services in addition to your professional relocation services. Professional moving companies in Massachusetts like Conlon Moving & Storage have a wide range of specialty options that can be employed to protect your assets during a move. Moving logistics, specialty packing supplies and services and other options can be used to move over-sized, odd-sized, very heavy and high-value assets from your current location to your new place of business.

Service-Oriented Businesses
If you run a business that provides services to consumers or other businesses, chances are you have some tools or equipment that could require special handling. When you hire a team of professional movers, make sure to talk about any high value or hard-to-move items, including computers, servers, and other high-tech equipment, that you will need to have moved. Professional relocation services specialize in hard-to-move items or items that require special care. When you call around to moving companies in Massachusetts, and the surrounding area, make sure that you ask about moving logistics.

Medical Practices & Clinics
One industry that has more sensitive and high-value items than any other is the medical field. Healthcare facilities, including doctor’s offices, medical clinics, urgent care centers, hospitals and physical therapy centers will often have the expensive medical equipment, furniture, computer systems, and sensitive data that needs to be moved by an experienced and qualified moving company. The proper packing supplies and services are required, but so is knowledge of moving sensitive assets, such as an x-ray machine or laboratory equipment.

Retail Businesses
If your business provides products to consumers, chances are you have a lot of inventory that needs to be moved. Even if your inventory is clothing or something that is not considered sensitive, fragile or high value, it still needs to be moved with care. In some cases, moving logistics can be applied by moving companies in New Bedford, MA that include the use of commercial storage or temporary mobile storage units, to help expedite the move and reduce downtime. When you hire professional relocation services in Southeastern Massachusetts, make sure to let them know about any special requirements or needs that you might have.

Law Offices & Financial Corporations
Businesses that have legal clients, such as lawyers, attorneys, legal aid and paralegal offices, as well as banks, credit unions, investment corporations, and stockbrokers, will often have sensitive client data that must be moved safely and securely. It is important to hire professional relocation services that you can trust to not only provide specialty packing supplies and services, as they are needed but to also provide proper handling and moving logistics for legal files, computers, servers and other types of data storage so as not to compromise sensitive information.

Antique or Consignment Shop
As you might imagine, the owner of an antique shop or retail store that sells expensive and fragile items would need to rely on moving companies in New Bedford, MA that can carefully and professionally handle their assets. Again, proper packing supplies and services are also important, as are moving logistics that will make sure one-of-a-kind or rare items are protected from potential damage. Make sure to ask about insurance options with the professional relocation services, or speak with your commercial insurance provider, to ensure adequate coverage during your move.

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Whatever industry you are in, chances are that there will be at least one or two items that may require specialty moving logistics. In some cases, it may just be an over-sized item that requires special handling. Other assets that are often difficult-to-move can include pianos, pipe organs, large modular units, display cases, appliances, grandfather clocks, curio cases, and fitness equipment. Call Conlon Moving & Storage at 508-336-7766 to get a FREE estimate on your commercial relocation. Our team can help you with a wide variety of moving logistics, packing supplies and services for just about any type of move or industry. Call today and see why commercial clients in the Southern New England area have been trusting Conlon Moving & Storage for over one hundred years.