Packing Tips

Conlon Moving & Storage TruckWhen it comes to planning a move, whether you are working with a team of professional Massachusetts residential movers at Conlon Moving & Storage or if you are preparing for local and long-distance moves, it is important to know a little bit about the best practices for packing.

Quality packing supplies and services can really come in handy, whether you are moving out of state or just placing a few things away with a mobile storage company. In addition to the wide range of options that we provide to our clients, we have also compiled a list of packing tips that you can use to your advantage.

Basic Tips

  • Limit the weight of cartons to a maximum of 50 pounds for easier handling
  • Wrap all of your items carefully, using the proper packing supplies and services
  • Provide plenty of cushioning for fragile or delicate items to absorb shock
    make sure to only use sturdy cartons that can be closed or sealed
  • Pack cartons firmly so items won't move, rattle or cause the box to bulge outward or bend inward during transportation

Coordinate your move by packing items from one room into each carton and label appropriately - don't ever just toss items in from different rooms or areas of the house.

One way to overcome many of the obstacles that affect individuals and families with local and long distance moves is to use a packing checklist. This will help to simplify your move, whether you are using Massachusetts residential movers or a mobile storage company like Conlon Moving & Storage to facilitate the transportation of your items or if you will be doing the move yourself. Having the right packing supplies and services can make all the difference in the outcome and experience of your move.

  • Pack off-season items first, such as holiday decorations or winter items in summer and summer items in the winter, that you won't be using during the move
  • Pack the things you will need up until moving day last so you won't misplace anything important during the move
  • Soft items, such as sweaters, towels and other lightweight goods may be left in drawers for the move, but items that could break, spill or puncture other items should not be packed and moved in this manner
  • Try to pack similar items together to prevent heavy or sturdy items from breaking fragile items during transport
  • Keep all paired items together, such as bathroom hardware and accessories in one box and kitchen hardware and accessories in another
  • Prevent injury or damage by winding electrical cords and fastening them close to the electronic item for local and long distance moves
  • Double-layer wrapping on dishes and other breakable items as necessary
  • Add extra cushioning by placing a two to three-inch layer of crushed paper or padding in the bottom of the carton
  • Place heavy items on the bottom, medium weight in the middle and light weight on top whenever different weighted items need to be packed together
  • Cushion layers with crushed paper, towels or lightweight blankets, making sure to cover sharp points, edges or rims of fragile and breakable items
  • Use small boxes with extra cushioning for small, fragile items
  • Avoid overloading cartons, but create a firm pack to prevent items from shifting
  • Always seal cartons with tape unless the items are on the United Van Lines high-value inventory form and require a pre-move inspection
  • List the contents and the room for each carton as you pack it; consider numbering or coding the cartons and/or writing down each item in a notebook for easy location once you reach your destination
  • Also include your name and the room that the box will go into at the destination
  • Mark special cartons that you want unpacked first that contain items you will need right away
  • Tape signs on the doors for each room at the destination to help your Rhode Island, Connecticut or Massachusetts residential movers, as well as interstate and international movers, find the corresponding rooms for each box much easier

For more information on packing supplies and services or to hire Conlon Moving & Storage for local and long distance moves, give us a call at 508-336-7766. Our team of professional moving coordinators and packers can help answer any question that you might have.