International Moves

International Moves, Conlon Moving and StorageIn addition to local and interstate moves, Conlon Moving & Storage also provides professional international move management services to our clients who are moving outside the country. We offer a wide variety of options and services, including overseas transit protection and tracking for all international moves from RI, CT and MA. After many years of providing these services, Conlon Moving & Storage is considered to be one of the very best international moving companies in the entire New England area.

Conlon Moving & Storage is one of the top rated moving companies in Seekonk, Massachusetts and provides our services to clients throughout Rhode Island, Connecticut and Southeastern Massachusetts. Local, interstate and international moves can all be coordinated by our top notch team.

We have many years of experience working with international move management, including forwarding logistics, documentation requirements, overseas transit protection and much more. We will provide you with a wide range of comprehensive services at a competitive price to help facilitate your international move. Our consultants will work with you to create a custom solution and provide you with an accurate estimate for your international relocation.


Full-Service Global Mobility

Conlon Moving & Storage is a proud member of UniGroup Worldwide UTS, which is a network of over 300 moving specialists throughout 200 countries all over the globe. UniGroup Worldwide UTS has over 70 years of experience providing full-service global mobility, transit protection, and international move management. Together, we can provide our clients with a broad range of scalable solutions for international moves from RI, CT and MA.

Our international move consultant is trained in all aspects of international moving and relocation. We can help you navigate all of the unique requirements of international moving, including overseas transit protection, customer services, documentation requirements and distribution and accounting process. Conlon Moving & Storage has over 20 years of experience working with international relocations and our team will ensure that all of the details for your international move are successfully taken care of on your behalf.

While your personal effects are in transit for your international move, your consultant will perform the following services:


  • Contact you within 24-hours of new move notification to exchange origin and destination contact information details
  • Provide a country information packet to help acquaint you with your new destination country
  • Review all customs regulations and documents required for customs clearance
  • Explain any applicable insurance policy information and related products
  • Confirm details and packing/loading dates with you and our local area agent
  • Reconfirm scheduled packing/loading dates with you and our local agent the day before the services are to be performed
  • Contact you on the packing/loading date to ensure that everything is going well and to answer any questions that you might have


  • Make sure that all of the necessary arrangements with underlying carriers are taken care of including transport to port of exit, port of exit handling, international transportation, customs clearance, transport to destination agent and delivery
  • Monitor the transport of your personal household effects from origin to destination via the international tracking system
  • Enable you to monitor the progress of your shipment through the international tracking system for international moves from RI, CT and MA 24-hours a day via the website at


  • Contact you at the destination to schedule a delivery date
  • Encourage clients to complete our online customer satisfaction survey to ensure continuous quality improvement, providing a free international calling card after the survey is completed
  • Provide assistance with claims processing, if necessary


Shipment Tracking

Clients can track shipments via a secured section of the UniGroup Worldwide UTS website and gain access to advanced E-Business. To help facilitate international moves from RI, CT, and MA, this service includes shipment tracking and an information database with details on over 170 countries with their specific customs regulations. To gain access, just enter the order number that was provided to you for instant online information 24-hours a day.


Means of Transportation

When working with moving companies in Seekonk, Massachusetts for your international move management, you might wonder what type of transport will be used to move your household goods from the point of origin to your ultimate destination. UniGroup Worldwide UTS will select the most appropriate container for your move based on your specific needs and requirements. The weight and volume of your personal effects will also influence the container selection.


  • Used for safely transporting goods overseas
  • Constructed of plywood with a 2-inch by 4-inch wooden frame with skids attached for easy handling with a forklift
  • Lined with water-resistant paper and may be caulked to keep goods dry, then wrapped with steep straps to secure the lift-van
  • Standard sizes are 185-210 cubic feet, however other sizes can be built custom for bulky items
  • Ideal choice if total shipment weighs less than 4,000 pounds
  • Can also be used for storage as well as for transportation to prevent additional handling and easily inspected for customs clearance
  • Preferred choice of transport when the destination country lacks the capacity to handle steamship containers


  • Made from heavy-duty steel construction, resembles motor freight trailers
  • 20-foot containers hold approximately 1,100 cubic feet, while 40-foot containers hold about 2,300 cubic feet
  • Holds more than a single lift-van and are used for large or bulky shipments; a minimum of 700 cubic feet or 4,000 pounds is suggested for effective use
  • Might not be available for shipping to some foreign countries
  • Provided by ocean carriers and cannot be used for storage purposes
  • Provides the best protection of a shipment compared to any other containers for best international move management when available
  • Results in lower transportation charges for international moves from RI, CT, and MA if the minimum requirement for weight and volume are met


  • Required type of container for transporting shipments by air
  • Constructed from triple-layered corrugated cardboard
  • Range in size from 18-96 cubic feet with larger containers being fitted with skids for easy moving via forklift
  • Dimensional specifications are restricted to enable the containers to pass through aircraft cargo doors

To find out more about how moving companies in Seekonk, Massachusetts at Conlon Moving & Storage can assist you with your international move management, provide you with overseas transit protection and top notch service, give us a call at 508-336-7766. We can help you with local, interstate and international moves from RI, CT, and MA, as well as to provide complete full-service options for packing, loading, storage and more.

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